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The Daily Two – Balloon Sinus Dilation

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Procedure offers permanent relief for chronic sinus infections

Reported by Ben Thompson, WCNC The start of allergy season is sending a lot of people looking for relief in the medicine aisle. For those whose allergies lead to chronic and acute sinusitis or sinus infections, traditional sinus surgery is often the only path to relief. But many resist, afraid to go under the knife. […]

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Sinus balloon surgery now available in Rock Hill doctor’s office

Sinus balloon surgery offers one alternative to help the millions that suffer from chronic sinusitis. Sinus balloon surgery has been around since 1995. But until recently it was done in hospital operating rooms.

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Dr. Williams discusses Balloon Sinus Dilation on WBTV Keeping You Healthy with Maureen O'Boyle

New Sinusitis Treatment Options: Balloon Sinus Dilation uses a small balloon to dilate and remodel your sinus opening to allow your sinuses to drain and ventilate more effectively. Balloon Sinus Dilation was introduced in 2005 as a convenient, less invasive alternative to sinus surgery. The procedure was most commonly performed in the operating room or […]

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Palmetto Mornings: 8/6/14 Dr. Andrea Williams

Great news for those who suffer with chronic sinusitis in Rock Hill! A new procedure is available that is cheaper, safer and less invasive; a sinus balloon!

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Balloon sinus dilation improves life for sinusitis sufferers

Dr. Andrea Williams demonstrates the balloon sinus dilation procedure. Josh Whitener/SCW Photo A new procedure is paving the way for patients to have their sinuses corrected long term in just 30 minutes and without leaving their physician’s office. Doctors are considering the balloon sinus dilation procedure to be a breakthrough in the way physicians treat […]

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Simple Procedure Ends Sinus Suffering

Millions of Americans suffer from chronic sinusitis, an infection of a sinus cavity that is hard to treat or recurring.  A 20-30 minute procedure done in the doctor’s office is ending the suffering with a simple balloon.   Dr. Andrea Williams of Ear, Nose, Throat and Audiology Associates of the Carolina’s calls it ‘sinus dilation’.  She uses a small […]

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