At Carolina Sinus Center, our physicians specialize in the evaluation, diagnosis, treatment, and management of hearing and balance disorders in adults and children.

Our staff conduct comprehensive audiologic examinations and otoacoustic emission evaluations (OAE).

At Carolina Sinus Center,  we are proud of our commitment to our hearing impaired patients and will continue to focus on healthy hearing.

Diagnostic Services

The following diagnostic services are available at Carolina Sinus Center:

Audiological Evaluations

We use highly calibrated state of the art equipment for diagnostic evaluations to identify the type and degree of hearing loss in our patients

Otoacoustic emission (OAE)

Otoacoustic emission (OAE) testing is used to evaluate the function of the outer hair cells in the cochlea (the sensory organ of hearing). OAE testing is very reliable and is used diagnostically in conjunction with the audiogram. When there are no dysfunctions of the outer hair cells it indicates normal cochlea functions. Any dysfunction of the outer hair cells will show abnormal or absent OAE measurements. OAE’s are measured by placing a probe into the ear canal, followed by presenting a tone. The responding tone is then recorded as a distortion product otoacoustic emission response. This test usually takes a few minutes.

Pediatric Hearing Evaluations

It is important to have babies and infants hearing tested to determine that they can hear. Good hearing is essential for the development of speech and language. Pediatric hearing evaluations can be performed at any age. We use otoacoustic emission testing to help us determine the hearing of babies and other testes are incorporated for the older child.

Visual Response Audiometry (VRA)

VRA is a test that is used effectively to test infants and children up to three years old. The test is performed in the sound booth with the child seated on a parents lap at an angle to a speaker and animated toy. The child is observed by the audiologist for either a conditioned response or other reactions to a variety of test sounds.