Ear, Nose & Throat

Adult ENT Services

Our physicians are board certified Otolaryngologists that excel in treating various types of ear, nose, and throat disorders. The scope of our practice includes preventive, palliative, medical and surgical care for the above disorders. Our physicians are also board certified in Otolaryngic Allergy.


Nose and Sinus Disorders – Our doctors are experts in the diagnosis and treatment of chronic nasal and sinus disorders including: recurrent sinus infections, nasal tumors, and deviated septums.

Allergy – Sinus and allergy patients are able to receive complete management of their disease at Carolina Sinus Center. We perform inhalant allergy testing and food testing. We also administer shots and instruct patients on the rotation elimination diet. We also offer sublingual therapy.

Snoring and Sleep Disorder – Patients with snoring and sleep apnea are commonly seen and treated by our physicians. If a surgical candidate, our physicians offer the latest surgical techniques.

Ear Diseases – We provide treatment of recurrent ear infections and care for temporary and long term hearing loss. Various diagnostic test are available to work up and manage the patient with hearing loss.

Infections – Our physicians treat a broad range of infections of the face, scalp and neck.

Balance Disorders – Our physicians work with physical therapists to better treat vertigo and other balance disorders.